Matchup of the Game: Spurs vs. Warriors


The matchup of the game when the San Antonio Spurs visit the Golden State Warriors will be between Cory Joseph and Stephen Curry.

The Spurs will be without starting point guard Tony Parker (sore neck), so this will mean Joseph may take the majority of the minutes for this game with the team heading into the playoffs. Joseph's defense will be tested out against Curry, who's one of the league's premiere shooters. The Spurs are locked in to the second seed for the postseason while the Warriors are looking to get themselves in position for the sixth seed. The Spurs' bench may play spoiler and, if they do, Joseph will be a big part of that.

What Joseph must do on offense:

The Warriors aren't the best on the ball defenders and Curry may be one of the reasons for that. Joseph can get by Curry, especially on screens, for open looks. Joseph has had enough time to pick and roll during practice with teammates and that's something that will be valuable this game. Cory Joseph will also luxury of a defense that's spread out if Matt Bonner plays, which will make his drives easier. Joseph is shooting 0% (0-4) from the arc for the Spurs this season but has chipped in 75% (3-4) from the corner 3-point line. While he may have poor numbers in some of those areas, he hasn't had many attempts to know if they're hot spots or not yet. He'll likely get plenty of opportunities this game, especially in the paint where he's shooting 80% (12-15) from the restricted area.

What Joseph must do on defense:

He needs to stop Curry from catching and shooting on the 3-point line. Curry's stroke is one of the most reliable in the league and he doesn't mind shooting spotting up, off a pick, or in a catch and shoot situation. Curry is shooting 44% (159-361) from wing and 52% (33-64) from the corner. If that will be a difficult task for Joseph to stop, Stephen Curry is also shooting 42% (153-363) from mid range.While he's shooting at a high rate from mid range, Joseph and the Spurs will take Curry shooting long two point shots over making 3-pointers this game. Joseph will likely have to fight over more than one pick with the Warriors focusing their offense around Curry, but he'll be do well for fighting and contesting every shot.