Matchup of the Game: Spurs vs. Pistons


Tiago Splitter and Greg Monroe will be the highlight matchup when the San Antonio Spurs visit the Detroit Pistons tonight.

In their only game last season, Monroe had a dreadful game against the Spurs. He scored 4 points and grabbed 6 rebounds while shooting 2-11 overall. He shot 0-5 when Splitter was on the court also, although this season there's a much different San Antonio team coming to town. Splitter is now starting for the Spurs and has been a defensive presence whlie averaging 10.6ppg and 5.8rpg. Monroe is having a great season also with 15.9ppg and 9.3rpg, both career highs. Monroe is more of a factor this season with the Pistons, so look for him to try to take advantage of the Spurs down in the post this game.

What Splitter must do on offense:

He has to keep moving every possession and not stand around while the Pistons have a set defense. If Splitter is active on pick and rolls and setting back screens, that'll force the Detroit big men to have to pay attention to the whole team as opposed just one or two players. Splitter's aggressive finishes lately will be important too, as he's likely to miss a pressured shot over going strong for a dunk.

What Splitter must do on defense:

He has to keep Monroe out of the restricted area, where he's shooting 58% this season. Monroe is shooting 32% from the non restricted area of the paint and mid range, so Splitter has to keep a strong upper body and not get pushed around the basket. If the Spurs can give Monroe a harder shot, they'll likely win the game by a landslide. Splitter's movement on offense will also be a good defense, as it will likely tire Monroe out on the offensive end especially on posting up.