Matchup of the Game: Spurs vs Grizzlies


Express NewsTim Duncan and Zach Randolph will be the matchup for tonight's game when the San Antonio Spurs visit the Memphis Grizzlies.

The last time these two men faced each other, Duncan had the better individual game. he shot 75% (6-8) from the paint area while shooting 67% (4-6) from mid range with Randolph on the court and Randolph shot 30% (4-13) from the paint area and 20% (1-5) from mid range with Duncan on the opposing him. The game ended in overtime with San Antonio defeating Memphis 99-95 with Duncan having 27 points and 15 rebounds compared to Randolphs 17 points (5-21 overall shooting) and 15 rebounds.

What Duncan must do on offense:
This season he's had a more consistent mid range jumper than before. If Duncan can keep in motion from the top of the key to the paint, that will tire Randolph out. Zach Randolph prefers more of a power game inside where he can push his opponents around and Duncan in motion will make him use up energy and legs. With Tim shooting more, that will help his body not get beat up by posting up like he used to and saving his energy for the defensive end of the court.

What Duncan must do on defense:

He has to force him off his spots. If he gets the  ball mid range, he has to force him to put the ball on the floor then recover to the paint to contest a drive. Once he puts the ball on the floor, it'll be a more uncomfortable post up attempt while he's already dribbling and will be great position for Duncan farther away from the basket. The Spurs would rather the Memphis big game shoot the ball than get in the paint and with San Antonio having more size and defense, it will be easier for the Spurs to defend the Grizzlies with a defensive minded unit.