Mason close to signing


No not with the San Antonio Spurs, but free-agent Roger Mason Jr., is close to signing a new deal which could be done by the end of this week according to his agent Mark Bartelstein:

“We’re going through it day by day,” Mason’s agent Mark Bartelstein said Tuesday. “We have to go through the process. There’s a domino factor to all of this.”

The teams which have expressed interest in Mason have been the Chicago Bulls, Miami Heat, New York Knicks, and the Portland Trailblazers.

Mason went on to say this about his playing time and his drop in numbers:

“It started with me in the playoffs last year,” Mason said shortly after this past season ended. “That was the first time I had gotten benched by Pop. It’s kinda lasted a while.

“It hasn’t been ideal, but I think I’ve continued to improve as a player, which is weird because most times if you numbers look the way mine do from one year to the next, you think that you’re a worse player. But I actually feel like I’m a better player.”