Mark Cuban: Mavs will be a surprise team

Supposedly, Dallas Mavericks outspoken owner, Mark Cuban, never makes predictions about his teams.
But after the Mavs' Sunday practice at American Airlines Center, Cuban came pretty close to doing just that.
"If we stay healthy I think we'll surprise a whole lot of people.We've got a lot of guys with something to prove that are team guys and willing to buy into the system, and that's what we've seen from everybody."
"Everybody's coming in early to work hard.''
Of course Cuban is going to talk up his team whenever he has the opportunity to do so. That's a big part of the Cuban schtick.
For the first time, possibly ever, I agree with Mark that if the Mavs stay healthy this year, they could surprise a "whole lot of people."
But here's the rub.
It's because I believe the majority of NBA fans, like myself, have pretty low expectations for this team. So if they do manage to squeeze into a 7th or 8th spot in the playoffs this year, I will be among the surprised.
The Mavs have a new roster, with new faces (including former Spur DeJuan Blair) and still have Dirk Nowitki. Needless to say, they do have a fighting chance at making the playoffs. But long are the days of Dallas being a title contender. Something this squad isn't.
So, what gives Spurs fans? Do you see the Mavs delivering big surprises this year? 
 From the Mavs this year, I expect no surprise.