Marcus Williams waived. Washington staying?


williams.jpgWith the Spurs waiving of Marcus Williams today, does that mean Darius Washington has earned himself a roster spot?
We’re not sure yet, but ever since I profiled Washington a few weeks back, I’ve been rooting for him and have been impressed with him. He may have just impressed the Spurs coaches enough to earn himself a roster spot.
While I’ve been pulling for Washington, it’s been common knowledge the the Spurs would not have a spot on the roster for him with Williams and Ian Mahinmi signed to contracts, giving the Spurs the maximum 15 players under contract. But with Williams being waived today, that 15th spot is there for Washington’s taking, especially with the injuries lately to both Jacque Vaughn and Beno Udrih.
Williams hasn’t shown me yet that he is ready for the NBA and most assumed he would be in Austin by the time the Spurs were getting their rings, especially averaging only 3.3 points and 2.6 rebounds per game in the preseason.
On the other hand, Williams seems to have forced the Spurs into taking a longer look at him. Last night in the Spurs final preseason game against the Rockets, Washington put up 11 points and five assists to Williams’ five points and three rebounds. But this comes after Washington almost had a triple-double a few games back against the Golden State Warriors with 18 points, nine rebounds and eight assists, which even got the attention of Baron Davis.
If Washington stays, Beno is going to have to work to even keep his spot as the backup to the backup with a hungry Washington turning even the Spurs coaches into fans.

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