Manu’s pregame ritual requires no Beats By Dre


Dr. Dre is a genius.  He makes amazing music for himself and others, he brought 2pac back to life, he’s transformed himself in to the most built producer in the business and he’s done it naturally (wink, wink, elbow nudge).  He’s also turned players getting off a team bus in to an advertisement for his awesome sounding, but overpriced head phones. 

Name an NBA player and there’s a good shot you’ve seen them wearing headphones before a game starts.  However, the San Antonio Spurs, always ones to not want to sit at the cool kids’ table have at least one person who is not interested in music before a game. 

Melissa Rohlin with The Los Angeles Times talked to Manu Ginobili before the last Spurs-Lakers game and he said he does a lot of things before a game, but none of them involve music.

“Fun fact: While most of his teammates drown their senses in music before games, Ginobili reads news stories on his phone or chats with his wife and friends.

‘I might be the only one out of 450 players in the NBA that don’t listen to music before the games,’ he said with a smile.”

I’m not sure if Manu is a iPhone or Blackberry guy, but given that everything he does before the game seems to involve a phone, they should start working in some product placement to any and all Manu Ginobili pregame shots.

I frankly don’t care if Manu listens to music or not before a game, just don’t start this late in the season because it might screw up your game.  Also, maybe other guys need to follow Manu’s example.  James Harden already is on his way to being the second coming of Manu, so maybe reading or chatting with friends before a game will turn him in to the bearded version of Manu.  But again, do that next year James, we don’t need you going off in the playoffs.