Manu the accountant?


Yes, I realize the accountant is already Steve Novak’s nickname, but if not for basketball, San GinobiliAntonio Spurs guard Manu Ginobili could actually be working as an accountant today.

I doubt Manu would get cheers for crumpling up and throwing 1040-As and W2s in a corner trash receptacle the way he does for draining step-back jumpers and corner threes, but at one time, the former was an option.

It certainly gives “the path not taken” a new definition.

Ginobili recently talked to El Tribuno in Argentina (translated through Google Translate) about his life, his kids, his career and the differences between the United States and Argentina.

Ginobili’s twin children, Dante and Nicola, are almost 15-months-old now and while raising two children, playing 82+ games a year in the NBA and then playing for Argentina can be hard work, Ginobili says it is very satisfying.

The NBA schedule can be quite demanding, so Ginobili says he enjoys his time off at home with his wife, kids and sometime his parents and in-laws.


Sundays for us (NBA) does not exist, like Wednesday or Thursday.In Argentina it is different, you have days off and you can enjoy a Friday night for example.

There (in America) that we can not do, but when we have two days available, usually the first, do a barbecue with my family and there were times when we (barbecued with) Splitter, or Fabi Oberto.

While Ginobili has no plans to pursue what interested him most before becoming a professional basketball player, business administration, accounting or mathematics, he also said while he loves basketball, he has no plans to coach once his career is over.

Instead Ginobili said he looks forward to enjoying his non-playing days with his family.

Speaking of which, the one thing no Spurs fan looks forward to is Ginobili walking away from the game, but as reported on Project Spurs, he could choose to hang ’em up for good once his contract is up in two years.

Two years I’ll play safe, then I see.

When that day and left as a free agent with a range of possibilities I’ll decide if I keep playing or not, if I do it in San Antonio or go somewhere else.

The chances of leaving two or three years are high, but not sure because I do not know.

With that possibility, I, like most others, hope the NBA owners and players come to an agreement soon so Spurs fans don’t miss out on what could be Ginobili’s final two seasons in the league.

Both parties (unions franchises and players) will have to give a little.

It is a league that is very well armed, with a spectacular fan base where we all win.

The fans win because we give a great show, the players because in addition to what we like, we are well paid.

Like television. The ratings are rising. I just hope to put aside pride and reach an agreement to continue.

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Now if only the players and owners could get in the same mindset.