Manu: Shaved head makes me more aerodynamic


If you catch any San Antonio Spurs game whether in person or on TV, it is easy to point out Manu Ginobili if you do not know his jersey number. All you have to do is look for that blinding bald spot on a player in black and silver.

Spurs fans have see Manu sport the long hair, buzz cut, and tapered hair cut but in the recent win over the Indiana Pacers, he rocked the shaved head look.

With Manu obviously balding, it was probably best to stop fighting it and shave his hair all off but maybe he did it on purpose to help him on the court.

According to Manu, it makes him more aerodynamic.

Hey Manu, if the shaved head does make you more aerodynamic then I am sure Spurs fans will be more than OK with that. Any advantage Manu and the Spurs can get, fans will take it.