Ginobili on his injury, the number one seed, and more


San Antonio Spurs’ Manu Ginobili recently spoke a variety of topics on his blog,

He spoke out on injuries, the number one seed, the Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls and more. Also, please excuse the rough translations provided by Google Translate.

Here is what he had to say about his injury and other injured Spurs:

Last Sunday, when I hit Marc Gasol, Memphis, and I got hit in the thigh, I really could not bend his leg and it hurt a lot, so I immediately put ice on the bench and could not play the next day against Portland. It is true that it was the first game that I missed this season, but it is normal: in 82 games regular season is always some one is lost.

Tony Parker (hit in the left kneecap) and Antonio McDyess (sore back), nor were against Portland, will play, probably because the absence of them were more foresight, but instead Tim Duncan is still in doubt. Greatly improved his sprained left ankle and also trained with us yesterday for a while, but that’s another decision to be taken on game time. Obviously, he wants to be, but the coach Pop is a little concerned, preferring to have 10 points for the playoffs.

Manu on facing the Celtics, the number one seed and if Spurs fans should be worried:

The clash with Boston, this evening at home is very important because now we are a bit complicated the possibility of securing the No. 1 and we need wins after four successive defeats this. Boston is a great team, very experienced and defend very well, but we also believe that we are and we can beat. We’re in the final stretch of the season and we have to play better every day, because if one gets distracted the playoffs, is out in the first round.

In addition, we expected a final schedule (eight games) hard and come from mistakes in several outcomes closed, making mistakes and inaccuracies. That’s something we never had happened in the season. But there is no crisis in San Antonio, just have to go back to our best level. We did not lose because we played badly or we kicked, we could have won those four games and we did because we missed the end.We know that in 82 bouts commitments can be negative. Pero, de todas maneras, estamos bien. But anyway, we’re fine. If at the beginning of the season I would have said we would be leading with three games ahead of the final two weeks of the regular season, have signed immediately!

Manu on if the Spurs can have success if they do not have the number one seed, the Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls and Derrick Rose:

We know that complicated, but if we lose the No. 1 nothing happens. We have emerged champions without having achieved the 1, although we understand that today we have a great chance to do and we tell. Still, any rival that touches us at the first intersection will be difficult, because the West is very even. Note that we would be facing us with the 8, Memphis, which we won, but since they’re all together could also be in Portland (located 6 º), which beat us twice. Also Houston (9 º), if it is among the top eight, it can be hard: once we won in overtime, and another without Luif Scola in the rival. Perhaps the only one that is rarely available today is New Orleans (7 º) because he lost to David West for the rest of the season. But just for that.

The truth is that we came over Los Angeles Lakers and Chicago at our conference in the East, both are below us three losses. In reality, the Lakers was predictable, no surprise, because I had to remake a warm start. He found the pace when he must. What if I was unexpected was what Chicago is first in its conference. I believe that Derrick Rose has been determined, it is amazing how this guy creates space and how well it penetrates. A superstar, really. Chicago took advantage of the ups and downs in Boston and Miami to catch up.