Manu hoping Clips, Grizzlies’ series goes the distance


Yesterday, I wrote about the debate between resting and getting rusty. I said for a disciplined, veteran team like the San Antonio Spurs, the rest was going to be a good thing and the longer the series between the Grizzlies and the Clippers went, the better off they would be.

Manu Ginobili seems to agree.

“I think I prefer a long series. Whoever wins gets a little more tired,” Ginobili said.

Memphis’ win at home in Game 5 last night didn’t do anything to extend the rest for the Spurs, because if the Clippers win at home tomorrow night, then the Spurs and Clippers will still start on Sunday, but it did shorten the rest for whichever team comes out of that series.

Not only that, but the teams are really beating each other up. Chris Paul and Blake Griffin both went down with what looked like pretty serious injuries. If those two are limited in Game 6, there’s a strong chance that the Grizzlies can pull out a big win and send the series back to Memphis for a Game 7.

Whether it’s Memphis or L.A. that comes out of this series, they’re going to be beat up and tired, and they’ll have a quick turnaround to travel to San Antonio. I’d hate to be either of those teams and have to play a Spurs team that just rolled over the Utah Jazz with ease.