Manu Ginobili grew up a Bulls, Jordan fan


There are many young boys and girls who idolize San Antonio Spurs' Manu Ginobili and emulate his style of play whenever they hit the hardwood. As such, I am sure they are also Spurs fans and cheer the team throughout the season.

But growing up, Manu wasn't a Spurs fan and his favorite player wasn't David Robinson or George Gervin when he was just a young basketball player.

Check out this photo of a young Ginobili where he lists the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan as his favorite players. Say it isn't so Manu!

Hey you can't blame Manu. Jordan and the Bulls were just on top of the world winning six titles. Though I am sure Spurs fans are just happy seeing him play his entire NBA career in a black and silver jersey rather than a red and white jersey.

(h/t Spurs Report Facebook)