Manu frustrated over injury, gives update on recovery


The San Antonio Spurs continue to ride out the loss of their star Manu Ginobili after he suffered a fractured hand earlier this season against Minnesota.

But as the team has been keeping their heads above water without “El Contusion,” Ginobili is growing frustrated at not being able to set foot on the court.

“There’s nothing positive about this injury and more so because of the five weeks out, especially with the season being short,” Ginobili said.

“I would have preferred to be playing, gaining rhythm.

“If you have an injury that sees you miss three or four games, it’s okay, but more than that it is a setback.

“You have to start with physical work, getting the rhythm, so it’s not positive.”

As a fierce competitor, Manu is surely losing patience on the road to recovery. As it has been said before, the Spurs go as Manu goes but rushing recovery would be do his and the team’s disadvantage.

If the Spurs have been able to maintain winning ways, a fully recovered Manu will only make this team stronger for the season’s stretch-run. Think about it, Manu will be healthy, and raring to go at the right time — the run to the playoffs. The last thing the team needs is Manu coming back prematurely and he gets injured again.

As for the status on his injury, Ginobili says things are looking good.

“It’s (the recovery) going well,” Ginobili said, “just as planned.

“Twelve days have passed since the surgery and yesterday I had the stitches taken out.

“I’m slowly doing exercises, I’m feeling better, gaining mobility – but it has to heal.

“The estimated time of recovery is five to six weeks and it’s been one and a half now so we need to be patient.”