Mailbag: Will Manu remain a Spur?


This week, we picked out a question from our mailbag and tried to answer it to the best of our abilities and knowledge.

This week’s question comes from TP.

“I’ve looked up who are the free agents in 2010, and Manu is one of them. My question is if ever we don’t sign him back, with a ring or not for this season, is it possible we sign one of these guys. Joe Johnson, D-Wade (Who really wants a ring again, and with us he can totally do it within 3 yrs of stay), Raja Bell, Ray Allen. Or can we sign Gino then another guy that’s a really good player on that free agency (any position). Thanks it just makes me wonder. -TP”

I think the Spurs will re-sign Manu Ginobili. He is a true Spur and the ultimate competitor. I find it hard to believe or imagine him playing for another team.

D-Wade and Joe Johnson are great players but they will probably prefer to stay with their respective teams or sign with big market team like the Knicks perhaps.

Raja Bell is a good defensive player but he’s injured right now so we don’t how much he has left and while Ray Allen is a great shooter, he might choose to retire as Celtic because he already won a ring with them.

My best guess is Manu stays and then the Spurs will use some money from their MLE this off season to acquire Tiago Splitter. I hope you like this answer.

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