Mailbag: Underrated Spurs


mailbagEvery week, we pick out a question from our mailbag and try to answer it to the best of our abilities and knowledge, even if that means taking off our silver & black tinted glasses. This week’s question comes from TP.

I’ve always thought the Spurs were so good, but why are they so underrated? – TP

Unfortunately, a lot of NBA writers and analysts get a bit excited very early on into the season and start to pick their contenders and even rookie of the year candidates before they even hit the rookie wall. As Pop says, the NBA season is a marathon, not a sprint, and while a lot of people would have loved for this team to be able start the season off on a run, I never expected that to happen. When you bring in so many new pieces and overhaul a team known for just making a few changes every year, before you know it, you almost have an entire team that you have to teach the offensive and defensive schemes to, which takes time.

The other thing that will take time is for this team to have the same level of chemistry they’ve had in the past, and that’s going to take everyone knowing their roles and having a set rotation, which is yet to happen.

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