Mailbag: Tweaking the Lineup


mailbag“I was just thinking, first we spend so much money to acquire Dyess and RJ. I mean, why are Dyess and Blair coming off the bench and playing less time. Against Portland, in minimal minutes, Dyess gave us hope, then Blair was getting all the rebounds. I was thinking, why not pop let Bonner sit and just play 10 mins? Why is he exceeding more than 20? Dyess showed us that if he played long enough we would have won that game. My question is, why is Pop doing this? When will he end this experiment and just let our team cruise to winning? Right now I don’t like listening that the triumvirate of LA, Boston and Cavs will win. -Ty”

Ty, as you have probably seen by now there have been a few lineup adjustments, notably Bonner has been playing off the bench the last two games and Bogans has been starting. So far this seems to be working, with two Spurs wins.  To be honest, we’ll probably continue to see several lineup adjustments until Pop finds the rotation that works best. With so many new players this year, it’s going to take time before everyone finds their role and the roster is able to attain that chemistry they’ve had over the last decade. I have a feeling, though, that it’ll only be a matter of time before we see Antonio McDyess in the starting lineup.

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