Mailbag: Spurs Roster Analysis

mailbagHow do you guys analyze the roster of the Spurs? Your thoughts on how they can compete against their rivals, how many wins they could have and the guy that would be the one to fill the 15th roster spot? –red021494


We’ll be answering most of this in our season preview which will be coming a few days before the Spurs first regular season game against the Hornets. So come back to Project Spurs.  What I will say after watching this team at an open scrimmage and a few preseason games is that this is likely the deepest Spurs team since 2003. If Manu starts, George Hill, Roger Mason and DeJuan Blair make for a great reserve unit. While it’ll be extremely competitive in the West this season, I think this roster, if they remain healthy, can probably reach the 60 win mark.

As far as the roster spot, if Pop elects to keep 15 players, I think it’ll go to Malik Hairston. As I’ve said before on this blog, Hairston has proven himself time and time again and takes advantage of every single minute and opportunity and makes the most of it. He hustles on the floor, is aggressive going to the basket, adds some athleticism to the roster and he can defend. Another positive is Hairston has not exhausted his D-League eligibility and he can still be sent up to Austin unlike Marcus Williams and Ian Mahinmi. I have a feeling both Williams and Curtis Jerrells are on their way out very soon, but knowing the front office’s infatuation with Williams, don’t be surprised if he stays, while the more deserving Hairston and Jerrells are sent packing.

Thanks red021494 for submitting your Spurs question.

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