Mailbag: Pop What Are You Thinking?


This week’s mailbag comes from Joe who is not happy with Coach Pop.

“I have been a Spurs fan since 1968, my God Pop, what are you thinking. The game with the Lakers, Richard Jefferson is standing around without the ball, not moving, no spirit, no points to talk about. Is this what you spent your 15 million on? And now you want to trade Ginobili? Please he will take 6 million and still do what needs to be done with spirit. He gave us three rings Pop. Why do you not play Ratliff, or Ian Mahinmi? You need height! That is why you got these guys. Now you don’t want to play them anymore, its not fair to them, and especially to Spurs fans. If you don’t make the right changes you will not see anymore rings in your lifetime.”

Not a happy Spurs Fan,



I am writing a future article about Pop but you made some significant points.

Let’s talk about Richard Jefferson first. He is no doubt an over-paid player for what he is doing. On offense, he needs more isolation plays and the Spurs will probably need to run a little often to take advantage of his athletic ability. Enough of taking jump shots. We have plenty of them coming from Bonner, Mason and Finley.

On defense, he is doing a capable job but he should give more effort on getting some rebounds.

About Ginobili, he is no doubt one of the most popular Spurs and fans will hate to see him go. But if the Spurs would want something in return for him, he could be included in a possible trade since he is one of our most tradeable asset this season. But then again, there no serious talk about a Ginobili trade yet.

If the Spurs don’t extend him this season, Manu will be a free agent in the summer where he can probably walk away with the Spurs not getting anything in return. But know this, not extending DOES NOT mean he is not going to be a Spur next season. The Spurs can still make him an offer to about six million a year for two years. However, when the time comes, it will be up to Ginobili.

On Ratliff and Mahinmi, the Spurs can use both of them for short stints to provide some energy and shot blocking presence. Ratliff has proven that he can still defend on short stretches and Mahinmi has shown potential but is not given enough minutes to be able to prove his worth on a consistent basis.  Another reason for the lack of playing time for Ratliff and Mahinmi could be due to DeJuan Blair playing very well.

Bottom line, Pop still needs to make a lot of adjustments on the current rotation especially on defense and needs to utilize and maximize the talent of the this Spurs team.

Thanks for this question and I hope you are satisfied with my answers. Look for more light on your complaints about Pop when you read my future post on him this week.

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