Mahinmi: “My decision will be only based on the playing time”


During the season, the San Antonio Spurs did not pick up Ian Mahinmi’s final year on his contract. A move by the club which could possibly signal the end of Mahinmi’s NBA career with the Spurs.

Currently, Mahinmi is a free-agent and though he would love to stay with the Spurs, he did make one thing clear — he wants more playing time.

In an interview with the French radio station RTL-L’Equipe, Mahinmi had this to say about his future with the Spurs and the NBA.

“My decision will be only based on the playing time,” he said. “If a team offers me a consequent playing time, I will thus sign with it. If the Spurs offered me a good project, I will stay in San Antonio. I would love to stay in San Antonio.”

Mahinmi has not worked out as fans and perhaps the Spurs coaching staff would like. Though an athletic freak and still young, he has dealt with injuries which have stunted his development early in his NBA career, is a fouling machine, and more importantly, needs to work on his basketball IQ.

However, there is some hope. This past season when he did get considerable minutes he did have good games.  For example his 15 points and nine rebounds against the New Jersey Nets. But it’s his inconsistent play which draws frustration with fans and perhaps the coaching staff.

Thoughts? Should Mahinmi be re-signed by the Spurs and be given a more playing time to prove his worth or have you seen enough from him to not care if he signs with another team which is willing to give him more time on the floor?