Magic fans show how much they want CP3


Up until this free agency period starts, you’re going to hear thousands of rumors about who’s going where. The two players getting most of that talk are Chris Paul and Dwight Howard. Howard currently plays for the Orlando Magic and it looks like, if the city gets their way, Paul will be playing there too. shows that the citizens of Orlando want to land CP3 just as bad as anyone else. They put up a billboard with Paul’s face that says, “Orlando, how nice would this be for the holidays? Otis, make it happen.” “Otis” is referring to Otis Smith, the Magic General Manager. The billboard originally had Paul in a Magic jersey, but the guys who made it decided to “play it safe” and just go with a normal picture.

The billboard tactic gets used a lot these days. If you can get together a group of people who all want to say the same thing, then it’s not too expensive to all chip in and rent the space to get your message out to a lot of people. Do I think they work? Sometimes, but probably not in this case.  


The Magic know Paul is out there and seeing it up on a billboard isn’t going to make them go after him any harder. They’re aware that their fans would love to see CP3 in an Orlando uniform, but they also know that almost every other team in the NBA would like to land Paul as well. So for now, the billboard works as a gimmick to get people talking and get rumors swirling, I doubt it will have any effect in the end, but you never know, it worked for Tim Tebow.

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