Lyons: Spurs have seen every aspect of my game


As we reported first a few weeks ago, Austin Toros forward Leo Lyons is in San Antonio participating in a mini-cap at the San Antonio Spurs practice facility.

LyonsI had a chance to talk to Lyons recently to get his thoughts on the camp in this exclusive one-on-one interview.

“The camp has been very good for all of the players. We are working very hard daily and getting better,” Lyons said.

Lyons’ teammate, Lance Thomas, is also at the mini-camp.

“Having Lance here is a lot of help,” Lyons said. “We both push each other to the max.”

Lyons and Thomas were easily two of the top three players on the Toros roster with the most NBA potential.

Since Spurs Sports and Entertainment owns the Toros and they are the Spurs’ D-League Affiliate, Lyons and Thomas are already accustomed the Spurs offensive and defensive sets as well as some of the drills the Spurs run.

“We definitely have an edge because we know the system,” Lyons said. “I have been working out with some of the coaches of the Toros. I feel great about my performances and I’m familiar with all the drills.”

For those not familiar with Lyons’ game, he’s a 6-9 forward capable of playing either forward position and is fast and tall enough to defend at least three positions.

“I could bring a lot to the Spurs,” Lyons said. “I’m a versatile forward that can do many things on the floor.”

An athletic, long forward, who can shoot outside and isn’t afraid to mix things up inside could be right up the Spurs alley.

Small forward is one of the Spurs’ weaknesses, and having a small forward that can play some relief minutes in the post would seem even more attractive.

“The Spurs hanging around watching us is a bonus,” Lyons said. “They have seen every aspect of my game. I’m praying they give me the chance I deserve and that’s what I work for.”

Lyons certainly has the character, hunger and skill set that would make him a great fit for the Spurs. I’d like to see him fight for a spot at training camp.

In the end, if the Spurs do not pick him up, I don’t see him, or Thomas toiling in the D-League for long.