Love To Hate


For Spurs fans there are a handful of NBA players and other NBA personalities who really get under their skin.  Sure there are players who have broken the hearts of Spurs fans like Derek Fisher, but there are those others that no matter what, Spurs fans just love to hate them.  So in no particular order, we here at Project Spurs present to you our guys we love to hate.

Shaquille O’ Neal.  He vowed to get revenge on the Spurs and Coach Pop for using the “Hack-A-Shaq,” called the Spurs cowards, and was a huge part of the Spurs-Lakers rivalry of years past.  But what is worse is he took shots at David Robinson.  In his book “Shaq Talks Back” he called Robinson a “punk ass” and a “Mr. Goody Two Shoes.”  He must be the only person ever to have issues with David Robinson.  Though he stated he told David he was always his favorite player before his induction into the NBA Hall of Fame.

Mark Cuban.  His sideline antics with Spurs fans, reaction to beating the Spurs in the 2006 playoffs, and all around “douchebaggery” makes this a guy Spurs fans love to hate.  What took it over the top were his remarks about the San Antonio Riverwalk being an “ugly-ass, muddy-watered thing”, that Spurs fans are the NBA’s “rudest,” claimed Spurs fans “verbally abused” his wife, and finally calling Duncan a “crybaby.”

Jason Terry.  His cocky, arrogant, smug antics on the court during Spurs-Mavs games, and his “nut-punch”to Mike Finley in the 2006 NBA Playoffs, make Jason Terry a hated guy in the eyes of Spurs fans.  However he continues to make it worse by taking shots at the Spurs whenever he is interviewed.  In an interview with Colin Cowherd he called the Spurs “dirty,” said it’s personal with him and the Spurs, said Spurs complain too much, said Manu flops and just all around dislikes the Spurs.  Listen for yourself.

Kobe Bryant.  He has a rep for being a “me first” NBA player, arrogant and won’t hesitate to call-out his own players publicly. Just ask Shaq.  He is everything the Spurs are not.  He also has a knack for making killer shots on the Spurs when the game is close.  But in a game against the Lakers this past NBA season, Kobe hit a three-pointer in a close game to take the lead for the Lakers and proceeded to do the “balls-dance” while looking at Spurs fans in the AT&T Center.  This “dance” requires a man to pretend he has larger than normal testicles.  It was a bit premature as Roger Mason then hit a 4-point play to win the game for the Spurs.  Take that Kobe!

Phil Jackson.  One word: asterisk.  After the Spurs won the 1999 title, Phillip decided to say the Spurs title needed an asterisk since it was a shortened NBA season.  This did not go over well with Spurs fans and has been haunting them since.  In a 2007 Lakers loss versus the Spurs he insinuated the Spurs style of getting to the lane and passing it out for the open man was a “Brokeback Mountain” game, referencing the 2005 movie about a homosexual affair.  His apology was half-hearted.  He also called Bruce Bowen “Edward Scissorshands.”

Joey Crawford. This NBA ref has no love from Spurs fans and be warned, if you are laughing at this very moment, he will eject you out of your home, office, or where ever you are right now.  Crawford has had issues with Coach Pop and especially with Tim Duncan.  During a game in the 2008 Spurs-Hornets playoff series, Coach Pop and Crawford were having a “friendly” discussion over a delay of game call Crawford made.  So what does Crawford do?  Poke Pop in his chest.  With Tim Duncan it gets worse.  In a game against the Dallas Mavericks in 2007, Crawford called Duncan for his second technical (Tim got his first for arguing an offensive foul call earlier in the game) for . . . laughing on the bench, which led to his ejection.  And if that wasn’t bad enough, Crawford challenged Duncan to fight.  Could it get even worse?  Yes it can.  The NBA then suspended Crawford indefinetly and Crawford responded by saying he would do it again and eject Duncan if circumstances were the same.  Let’s not also forget he was in the area of the non-call on Derek Fisher when he clearly fouled Brent Barry in the 2008 Spurs-Lakers playoff series.

Well there you have it Spurs fans.  These guys are not well liked within Spurs nation.  Did we miss anyone?  If so leave us your comments and tell us who else should be on this list.  Also go vote on who is the most hated among Spurs fans.