Loss of season opener leads to Bucks media lament


The lockout has officially had its first casualty.  The San Antonio Spurs were slated to face off against the Milwaukee Bucks last night in the 2011-2012 season home opener.  

And while many were feeling the opening day depression thanks to the NBA lockout, across the continent, from the forgotten great state of Wisconsin itself, Bucks’ play-by-play announcer Ted Davis lamented his loss, which apparently has quite a lot to do with the consumption of foodstuffs:  

Many players around the league tweeted similar feelings and undoubtedly millions of NBA fans felt the same way.  What is the cure for this widespread depression sweeping the media elites?

Well, I am not a doctor but, if I was, I would say:  an agreement between players and management ending the months long strike that threatens to devour an entire NBA season like a lion devours a wildebeest.

Or, alcohol.  Lots of it.  

What about you Spurs fans? How did you cope with the loss of the Spurs’ season opener?