Lorbek to sign with Spurs this summer?


As the Los Angeles Lakers showed in their first meeting this season against the San Antonio Spurs, the biggest weakness in this year’s Spurs team is their lack of size.

Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol wrecked havoc in the paint for San Antonio and in particular Bynum who finished with 16 points and 30 rebounds.

But could a legit big man be on the way to the Spurs next season? Perhaps.

Project Spurs own Paul Garcia spoke with Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich earlier this month (when the Pacers visited the Spurs) on the George Hill-Kawhi Leonard trade which netted the Spurs the rights to Lorbek. In the Project Spurs’ article, Pop said the following:

“He’ll (Hill) really help Indiana and I think Kawhi Leonard and our big kid in Europe (Lorbek) will help us.”

At first blush, one can read that as Pop saying that at some point Lorbek will help should he ever make the leap to the NBA. However, Spanish site tubasket.com, (which linked to the Project Spurs article) has stated they have confirmed that Lorbek will be making his way to the Alamo City next season.

If true, then Lorbek will absolutely help San Antonio, especially in the paint.

He is still young (28) and last season with Regal FC Barcelona the 6’10” Lorbek averaged 13.8 points, 0.3 blocks, 4.7 rebounds, shot 77.3% from the free-throw line, shot 40.4% from the three-point line, shot 59.3% from the field in 24.8 minutes per game in 19 games. Right away what stands out is his poor rebounding numbers and block shot averages. This will have to improve if he is to help San Antonio address their glaring weakness.

Keep in mind, Lorbek himself did not state he will be coming to the NBA so this could be speculation, however, if you keep in mind he did not resign with his current team for next season, and couple it with what Pop said, perhaps Lorbek might be wearing black and silver next season.

As they say, stay tuned.