Lorbek not a lock to join Spurs just yet


Two days ago, we reported that the Spanish website Mundo Deportivo was reporting Erazem Lorbek ELwas going to be joining the San Antonio Spurs this coming season. Well, not according to Lorbek himself.

The international site Kosarka.si (H/T Ballin Europe) caught up with Lorbek yesterday via telephone and here is what Lorbek had to say about his situation with the Spurs.

Lorbek states the news reports coming out of Spain are false.

“I see and hear that the Spanish media is giving false information about my future.”

Ballin Europe cleared up the translations and stated that Lorbek has three options open right now: to join the Spurs, re-sign with FCB Regal, or find another Euroleague team. As you can see above, Lorbek states that the Spurs are not in the drivers seat just yet to sign him.

Lorbek went on to say that he is battling minor injuries and will work to get in full health in this off-season. Free agency opens in the NBA on July 1, but contracts can’t be signed until July 11. If the Spurs are indeed going to try to bring Lorbek over, it’ll be interesting to see if they negotiate a deal before or after free agency begins. As of right now, the Spurs still have Tim Duncan, Boris Diaw, Danny Green, and possibly Patty Mills to focus on in free agency.