Little Known Oberto Facts Part XII with a Special Contribution by David King of the San Antonio Express News!


Oberto reached his first double double as a kid in Argentina, his stat line.. 10 dunks, 10 deaths!
One time Oberto dunked soo hard in the SBC Center, it turned into the AT&T Center.
When Oberto goes to shop for groceries, when he is asked paper or plastic he says “body bags!”
“Oh Boy Oberto Beef Jerky” is made at the Oberto Sauasage Factory located in Oberto’s pants!
“Oh Boy Oberto Beef Jerky” secret ingrediant is FEAR!
One time Oberto went shopping at North Star Mall in San Antonio, he forgot his boots in the parking lot!
One time Oberto made and ate a grilled-cheese sandwich with an entire wheel of cheese!
Some kids played with hot-wheels cars, as a kid Oberto played with Ford Pick-Ups, Hummers, and a Cement Mixer!
Oberto can be seen from outer space. . . with the naked eye!
There is no such thing as a one-on-one match up with Oberto. Do you think Oberto’s dunks to the face on opposing players are fair?
Right before having sex with Oberto, Eva Perron proclaimed “Don’t cry for me Argentina!”
Did you hear that Shaq recently gave Oberto a nickname…..”Basketball God!”
Oberto passed the lawyers bar exam in every state…in 8 seconds!
Oberto is the only person to win a game of “Uno” with 5 cards!
David King of the San Antonio Express News contribution — “When Oberto’s Web site goes down, the entire Internet goes down!”

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