Little Known Oberto Facts Part XI


One time Oberto accidently stepped on Tim Duncan’s foot. Result. . . Plantar Fasciitis!
One time Oberto played against Portland Trailblazer Ha Seung-Jin. When Oberto dunked, Oberto reduced his name to two letters to “HA”!
One time, Oberto tried out for the NFL Baltimore Colts. To avoid getting killed on the football field, the organization and the players left in the middle of the night to Indianapolis!
The NBA’s official logo has been long thought to be a sillouhette of Jerry West. Recently it has been confirmed to be Fabricio Oberto’s ultrasound picture!
You remember the training sequence in Rocky IV where Rocky Balboa is training in the Soviet Union, running in the snow, chopping wood, and sprinting up mountains? That is Oberto’s first 5 minutes in the gym!
Oberto plays tennis with his penis and a bowling ball!
When Oberto watches Star Trek, the part where Capt. Kirk says “Space the final frontier, to boldly go where no man had gone before!” Oberto says “Been there done that!”
As a kid, Oberto was playing with legos. He created the great pyraminds in Egypt!
When Oberto donates blood, he requests a harpoon and a bucket!
Here is the ultimate Fantasy Team: Oberto. Period!
Californians have seen quite a few earthquakes recently, most people thinks its becasue of the movement of the plates in the earth’s crust, the real reason, in the Spurs vs. Lakers in the Staples center on March 6, Oberto had two weak put back dunks. California hasnt been the same since and has been projected to sail off into the sea in the next 100 years!
Oberto started the U.S./Iraq war becasue he got tired of playing Mortal Kombat on the Xbox and complained that the graphics werent real enough!
Oberto went to the moon and decided to bunjee jump to Earth. Subsequently, the Grand Canyon was formed!
Jesus can turn water into wine. Oberto can turn wine into Jesus!
There’s not enough stars to make a constellation of Oberto!