Little Known Oberto Facts Part VI


Since coming to Texas, the new state slogan is now “Don’t Mess With Oberto!”
There have been a few lucky NBA players to avoid the wrath of Oberto. They’re called “retired”!
If for some odd reason, Oberto had to play against himself, Oberto would win!
Oberto doesn’t commit charging fouls, it’s just that opposing defenders faint at the sight of Oberto!
Leading causes of players not making it to the NBA are: 1. Talent, 2. Skills, and 3. Oberto!
Oberto doesn’t “play” basketball. He “intimidates” basketball!
There is no such thing as other NBA players. Just a bunch of guys Oberto allows to play for his own amusement!
Oberto doesn’t drink Gatorade during a time-out! He drinks battery acid!
During a recent visit to Sea World of Texas, Oberto had a craving for fish and proceeded to eat Shamu in 10 seconds!
Oberto can make a 3-pointer by making a lay-up!
Oberto wears number 7. Some people believe the number 7 is a lucky number. The connection is that Oberto made the number 7 lucky!

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