Little Known Oberto Facts Part V


In a one-on-one matchup between Michael Jordan and LeBron James, Oberto would win!
Shaq once dunked over Oberto. Then Shaq woke up from his dream by a devestating Oberto dunk!
Those are not earthquakes felt in California. Those are the aftershocks from the Staples Center of dunks by Oberto over Kobe Bryant!
Think of an NBA record right now! Oberto holds that record!
Oberto considers the NBA Finals as a scrimage!
If you combine liquid hot magma and a nuclear blast, you still won’t reach the level of power that’s in ONE Fabricio Oberto dunk!
Oberto recently commanded the city of San Antonio to place a rim and backboard high atop the Tower of the Americas. Asked why, Oberto stated he needs it to practice lay-ups!
Oberto invented basketball!
Oberto plays basketball with an inflated porcupine and wears bear-traps for tennis shoes!

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