Little Known Oberto Facts — Off-Season Style!


Oberto goes outside in Texas during the summer, he doesn’t get heat-strokes, the Sun gets a stroke when Oberto is outside!
While playing in Europe, Oberto got so mad at getting called for lane violations, he proceeded to squeeze the lane into what you know now as the trapazoid lane!
Contrary to belief, a light-saber can cut through anything except Oberto!
When Oberto gets a tattoo, the tattoo artist needs a jack hammer to etch on Oberto’s tough skin!
Oberto once played an entire NBA season by himself….he went undefeated and won the NBA title in a 4-0 sweep!
The original title for the movie “Bloodsport” was “Oberto kicking ass, beating the snot out of people, roundhouse kicking to the face, cracking bones-sport”
One time Oberto farted so hard, he parted the Red Sea for Moses!
Contrary to belief, the Microsoft Zune is not the iPod killer, it’s really Oberto!
The movie “Snakes On A Plane” is based on the true story of when Oberto flew to San Antonio and his penis was hanging out of his pants and the airline crew and passengers thought it was an anaconda!

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