Little Known Oberto Facts — Oberto Chat On NBA.COM Special Edition!


Today, Oberto was to chat live with fans from all over the world via a chatroom on
However, we were alldisappointed when he never showed up and there wasn’t any live chat with him! Not even a notice from the NBA.
So in honor of Oberto ditching the live chat, here are the “facts” why he did not do a chat today.
The reason there was no chat was because the moment Oberto entered his text in the chat room, he crashed the entire World Wide Web!
There was not enough bandwidth to handle Oberto’s long flowing hair!
Oberto simply got confused! He thought a web-chat was going to be o n a spider’s web and he is still waiting for everyone to show up!
No chat due to Oberto kicking the moderator’s ass!
Oberto is still using Argentina’s time-zone making the chat start time for him 7 hours from now!
He is still drunk from last night’s game in celebration of the Spurs winning the 2006 Southwest Division Championship!
He is making the Spurs front-office hang his picture from the rafters of the AT&T Center with the phrase “Thanks to me, I allowed the Spurs to win the Southwest Division!”

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