Little Known Fabricio Oberto Facts Part IV


Fabricio Oberto is the only NBA player to make an alley-oop pass and dunk to himself!
Oberto is the only basketball player in the world to win at a game of “HORSE” with the letter “Q”!
Oberto allows Kobe Bryant to score 81 points in a game because Oberto doesn’t believe in upstaging women!
The NBA announced the levels of flagrant fouls…”Flagrant Foul 1″, “Flagrant Foul 2”, and the worse foul ever is named “Oberto”!
Fabricio Oberto made his NBA debut riding an untamed lion!
When Oberto was told the Men’s Olympic team is called the “Dream Team” Oberto responded by saying “Then I am it’s nightmare!”
Oberto doesn’t dribble the ball! He stares at the basketball until it dribbles on its own!
If you search the web for “Oberto getting dunked on” you will get no results. It just doesn’t happen!

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