Little Known Fabricio Oberto Facts Part III


Oberto doesn’t use a razor to shave, he uses a lawn mower!
The reason the United States couldn’t find the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, is because Oberto is in San Antonio!
The devil makes deals with Oberto!
Some theorize that the X-Men character “Wolverine” is based on Fabricio Oberto.
Oberto doesn’t lift weights. His muscles sense Oberto in a gym and get huge!
Rudy Tomjonivich said the following when the Houston Rockets won an NBA title “Never underestimate the heart of a champion……because of you do, Oberto will go “flagrant foul” on your ass!
Oberto smells what the Rock is cooking… because the Rock is Obertos’ personal chef.
Ever since Oberto was born, Argentina experienced a huge increase in dunk realted injuires.
When Bobby Knight gets mad, he tosses chairs on the court. When Oberto gets mad, chairs toss themselves.
Coach Jim Valvano is known for his quote “Dont give up, dont ever give up!”..unforrtunately, he was misquoted! His original quote was “Dont give up…dont ever give up…unless you find yourself in a game against Oberto!”
That’s not a basketball Oberto is holding in the picture for this blog entry….that’s his left testicle!

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