‘Lin-sanity’ doesn’t come cheap


Who’s willing to shell out a few extra bucks to see the NBA’s newest sensation? Well it looks like you don’t have a choice. Since New York Knicks’ Jeremy Lin came on the scene, tickets at Madison Square Garden have gone up 27%.

Teams playing the Knicks are doing the same thing too. The Toronto Raptors are playing the Knicks and the San Antonio Spurs on back-to-back nights.

“The Raptors have tickets listed for both games, and the price difference is immense. The cheapest seat in the house for Spurs-Raptors is a very affordable $12.50. That very same seat at the Knicks game the night before? $44.

“The Lin Effect is also apparent on the secondhand market. There are plenty of balcony-level tickets available on StubHub for both games. To watch the Knicks, fans will have to shell out at least $33, and balcony tickets are priced as high as $92. For Wednesday’s Spurs game, those same balcony seats are going for as little as $9 to $15.”

It’s hard to believe that one player can cause so much of a difference, but that’s the culture we live in. I’d rather enjoy “Lin-sanity” from my couch than know that I’m paying a lot more to watch one player when I could pay a much cheaper price to watch a much better team.

But teams wouldn’t be able to do this if there weren’t people willing to pay for it. If Lin continues to play at this level, we could see ticket prices even higher. So everyone make sure you get your next paycheck before you head to see Lin in person.

And guys, if you were thinking about getting your Valentine some Knicks tickets as a cheap alternative, you’d probably be better off sticking with the flowers and chocolate.

By the way, “Lin-sanity” makes its way to the Alamo City in March.