Like it not, here comes the San Antonio Spurs


Alright, picture this. Your favorite NBA team has won 10 out of the last 15 of their games, rank fifteen in offense and defense per 100 possessions played according to Cleaning the Glass, and is currently on a 3-game winning streak, after pulling off a 144-109 victory last night.

I mean it sounds great, right? Oh yeah, forgot to mention your team is ranked 10th at 14-18.

Now you’re thinking “Why would this be great?”; “What direction are they heading?”; or “How does this writer even make sense?”

But let’s get back to the imagery I was trying to create for you because if you’re a current Spurs fan, that is your reality at the moment.

Now, one could argue the team is still under .500, has gotten lucky breaks against teams suffering from injuries or players in Covid protocols, but it’s time to swallow the pill that this team is trending towards better times.

Just to clarify, I’m not providing a step-by-step plan on what direction the team should head to improve, or which players they should let go and sign in the future.

After countless years of winning, the elephant in the room is that there isn’t a Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, or Tony Parker-like player swooping in to save the day. 

However, it was bound the franchise would eventually have a rebirth after the departure of those hall-of-Famers, and a new era would arise.

It’s true that the franchise is still going through an unfamiliar transition, but for fans that proclaim to ride-or-die for the team, there shouldn’t be love only shown through the good times.

There comes a maturity to realizing things take time, but like it not, here comes Los Spurs.

Previews and Predictions:

San Antonio Spurs vs Utah Jazz

Date: December 27, 2021, 7:30 P.M. CT

Arena: AT&T Center

Broadcast: Bally Sports Southwest

Live Stream: SilverandBlack.TV

The Spurs open their week against the Utah Jazz who they beat 128-126 on the road Dec. 17.

In that game, point guard Dejounte Murray posted another triple-double this season, while forward Keldon Johnson led the team in scoring with 24. On the Jazz side, shooting guard Donovan Mitchell led his squad with 27.

Coming into this game, things will be a little different for both teams, as they will be without their stars, Murray and Mitchell.

Murray is currently in health and safety protocols and could miss up to ten days, while Mitchell is ruled out the next two games because of back problems.

Against Detroit, guard Derrick White filled in for Murray’s absence and he and backup point guard Tre Jones accounted for 21 of the team’s 31 assists.

The Spurs most likely would agree with anyone they would want their floor general out there, but last night’s game foreshadows that the team should be fine during his absence, and fans may even get to see more action from Joshua Primo.

The matchup to look for is Jordan Clarkson vs Derrick White, who may get the start alongside guard Mike Conley and has torched the Spurs all-time. Also considering Clarkson being a San Antonio native, the team may be in for a long night.

Prediction: The Spurs pick up another victory at home and prepare for Wednesday against the Miami Heat.

San Antonio Spurs vs Miami Heat

Date: December 20, 2021, 7:30 P.M. CT

Arena: AT&T Center

Broadcast: KENS 5

Live Stream: SilverandBlack.TV

The Miami Heat come into town, and you can bet whenever Spurs fans hear Miami, 2013 and 2014 NBA Finals come to their minds.

Now, no worries because this Heat squad isn’t on the same pedigree as those teams, but they’re still one of the best East teams.

This season, the franchise was able to sign point guard Kyle Lowry and team him up with guard Jimmy Butler and center Bam Adebayo, and so far, this season they’re currently slotted fourth in the East.

Their game will be the first of two matchups they have this season, but come Wednesday the Heat may be without Lowry, Adebayo, and others.

If so, the Spurs may arguably be considered heavy favorites, and a five-game winning streak could be on the horizon.

The matchup to look for is Jimmy Butler versus Keldon Johnson, who undoubtedly be a tough cover for Big Body Johnson. A sneaky player to look out for is Tyler Herro, who can light it up on any team quickly. 

Prediction: The Spurs hit the road in a tough battle versus Butler, who is an all-out competitor no matter who’s alongside him, and head towards Memphis on a five-game winning streak.

P.S: If you don’t believe Butler is a competitor, Google the infamous Minnesota Timberwolves practice incident.

San Antonio Spurs vs Memphis Grizzlies

Date: December 31, 2021, 7:00 P.M. CT

Arena: FedEx Forum

Broadcast: CW35

Live Stream: SilverandBlack.TV

The Spurs end 2021 with a date against the Grizzlies and they look to finish on a bang.

The Grizzlies currently sit at fourth in the West, so this will serve as another tough test for the team.

Based on past history, the Grizzlies have always given the team a fit, so this game shouldn’t be any different.

The matchup to look forward to is Derrick White versus Ja Morant, who has taken a huge leap in his overall play in just his second season. Morant should see heavy minutes against the Spurs, as they could be without guards Dillon Brooks and De’Anthony Melton, who are in Covid protocols. 

Prediction: The Spurs drop this one, head to Detroit the next day, and hope to start 2022 with a victory.

San Antonio Spurs vs Detroit Pistons

Date: January 1, 2022, 6:00 P.M. CT
Arena: Little Caesars Arena
Broadcast: CW35
Live Stream: SilverandBlack.TV

It’s a new year, so new beginnings, right?

(That ultimately means the Spurs are going on a run towards the playoffs, just like the script says.)

Anyways, the Spurs start out in 2022 in the blistering cold of what they call Detroit, Michigan, and coming into this game, you wonder if Detroit will have a full squad available this time around against the Spurs.

Although the Spurs snagged a lopsided victory this past Sunday, the Pistons endgame was bound to happen because of the lack of healthy rotation players.

If everyone is available, the matchup to look for is Jerami Grant versus Keldon Johnson, and watch out for point guard Cade Cunningham. 

Prediction: The Spurs start off a bit slow, but ultimately pull this one out.

Overall Prediction Record this season: 11-19


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