Leonard working on perimeter game


We’ve heard that San Antonio Spurs rookie Kawhi Leonard is spending much of his summer in Vegas working out, but what exactly has he been working on?

One of the best bloggers above the border, Holly MacKenzie, got a look at both Leonard and Cory Joseph this summer and if this tweet is any indicator, she’s a fan.

“I think it just hit me that Cory Joseph and Kawhi Leonard are on the same team. San Antonio, let’s be friends, yeah?”

Seeing that tweet prompted me to ask her who she thought could develop a consistent jumper. Her reply? Both.

“I think Cory can def develop a J but I’ll say that during Kawhi’s workout in Toronto he was draining everything/much improved.”

So that’s encouraging. The knocks on Leonard going into the draft was that he didn’t have a very good jumper and that he wasn’t a great ball handler. Well, we know he’s working on one of the two, so maybe, just maybe Leonard will be ready for the starting small forward role sooner than we thought. Oh and how great is it to see these two young Spurs players cranking out the workouts during this lockout/offseason.

Holly wrote a piece on Cory Joseph playing for Team Canada this summer which you can read here.