Leonard’s defense on Curry key in comeback


So that was kind of weird what happened in Game 1.  It's not every day you see a 16-point deficit turn in to a double overtime victory.

Still, that happened and while there wasn't one silver bullet that sparked the comeback, it did help that Stephen Curry stopped making shots in the final six minutes of the fourth quarter. 

Part of Curry's woes had to do with Kawhi Leonard switching on to him, making it difficult for him to get some clean looks.  After the game, Tony Parker praised Leonard's efforts to contain Curry after he went bananas in the third quarter.

"Kawhi was huge. We tried to alternated between Danny (Green), Kawhi and myself to try to give him different looks and make it tough on him. You just try and do the best you can," Parker said. "He's a great shooter. I thought Kawhi in the second half, especially in  the fourth quarter, did a great job on him."
Alright, so that happened and now the question is how do the San Antonio Spurs keep Curry from even sniffing 40 points.  Do the Spurs put Leonard on Curry from the start.  That's probably a good idea but it also means you'd have to move Leonard off of Klay Thompson, who also gave the Spurs fits.  This probably means they'll need to move Danny Green over to Thompson so Parker doesn't get repeatedly backed down by him for easy makes. 
I think you slide Parker over to Harrison Barnes, which is still a problem, but at some point you just play the percentages and make Barnes beat you instead of Thompson or Curry especially.
The other change Spurs fans can expect is that the Spurs do a better job on the boards.  The Warriors finished Monday night's game with a 55-45 advantage on the glass.  Between Tiago Splitter's probably return and Tim Duncan's improving health, you can assume the rebounding margin will at the very least narrow.