Leonard leaning on confidence, Engelland to improve his shot


Heading into the 2011 NBA Draft, San Antonio Spurs rookie Kawhi Leonard was hailed as a stellar defender with a non-stop motor and a knack for rebounding.

However, his ability to nail the outside shot was suspect. During his final season with the San Diego State Aztecs, Leonard shot 44.4% and to up his shooting percentage, over the summer he took made it a point to work on his outside shot.

So far in this young season, Leonard hasn’t been torching the nets. He is currently averaging 38% from the floor and is dead-set on improving this part of his game and it starts with confidence.

 “Constant repetition and working with the Spurs coaches,” said Leonard on how he is approaching improving his shooting-touch. “Just having confidence in my shot and that’s basically it. Just going into the gym everyday and just wanting to making it better.”

And in Kawhi’s quest to improve his shooting-touch, it’s a good thing for Leonard the Spurs coaching staff sports one of the best shooting coaches around — Chip Engelland.

Chip is known to correct any player’s shot with glowing results. From Tony Parker to Tiago Splitter, Engelland gives player’s the results they need. And Leonard spoke on what Chip has done for him when asked about the pointers he has received.

“Just keeping the arch of my ball high and just leaving my follow-through so I can get a good rhythm and muscle memory.”

Between Chip’s instruction and a huge amount of confidence, Leonard will certainly be on his way to improving his shot. And it must be paying off when Kawhi showed he has the ability to nail the three-point shot