Leftover Notes and Quotes


A former Sports editor at the San Antonio Express-news used to use Leftover Notes and Quotes as the name of his column. I grew up reading him and got to meet him as a journalism student. I figured I could use this as sort of an homage to him and a way for me to clear my notebook and del.icio.us bookmarks of different things I’ve found over the web that haven’t fit into another blog post.
• Spurs exec Presti a frontrunner for Sonics GM job
prestiJerry Brewer of the Seattle Times says If Sonics won’t pick a new GM, I will. Among the candidates to be the next General Manger for the Seattle Supersonics are Detroit’s Tony Ronzone and John Hammond, Atlanta’s Gary Fitzsimmons, Portland’s John Gabriel and the Spurs own Sam Presti.
In Brewer’s endorsement for Presti, he said “…the best of a boyish bunch is the youngest candidate of them all. Sam Presti. Hire 30-year-old Sam Presti.””Give the San Antonio Spurs’ whiz kid enough control so he’ll come. Give him temporary housing so he doesn’t have to worry about a possible move. Give him a parrot that squawks “No comment” whenever reporters come around, as that is the Sonics’ way. Whatever it takes, just get him to Seattle.”
• Eating for the big game
In her most recent column, Express-News columnist Claudia Zapata (aka Sean Elliott’s wife) chatted it up with some of the Spurs wives to see what the players ate on game day. If you want to learn more about Tony Parker’s game day lemon pasta, check out her column.
• Sports Babes on the Spurs
Recently the Sports Babes video podcast dedicated an entire show to the Spurs. These goes know their sports and definitely know the Spurs. Go watch the video at their website, and try not to drool all over your keyboard. I tried to get one of the girls for the Finals preview podcast, but a rep from their production company said they were unavailable, but would be when their new season starts in September.
• Duncan on the Spurs being the new “bad boys”
“We are the bad boys, which is fun,” Duncan said. “Yeah, yeah, I enjoy being the bad boys. We’re going to try to change our name or get a nickname or something for our team.