League expected to shelve more games


So this isn’t good.

As the NBA lockout marches on, and with last week’s negotiations falling apart, the NBA is expected to cancel at least another two more weeks of the upcoming season.

According to reports, the NBA is expected to announce today more games (two weeks) will be lost due to the labor impasse through November 28.

And with the owners seemingly not budging on their demands of a 50-50 BRI split, it wouldn’t be a total surprise if more games are lost if not the entire season.

“The competitive issues and the economic issues, certainly we don’t want to lose the season, I don’t think the NHL did either. It ended up happening,” said (San Antonio Spurs owner Peter)Holt, chairman of the owners’ labor relations committee. “There are certain things that we feel we must have.”

So what games are about to be axed from the Spurs schedule if more games are lost through November 28?

Five homes games will be lost which include games against the Clippers, Kings, Thunder, Magic and Cavaliers. Two road games will be lost — Timberwolves and Rockets.

Well there you have it Spurs fans. Weigh in with your thoughts on this lockout mess and what you plan to do to pass the time with no Spurs games to watch.