Lauvergne Reportedly Leaning Toward Declining Player Option


According to the San Antonio Express News (H/T, San Antonio Spurs forward Joffrey Lauvergne is leaning toward declining his $1.6 million player option and he could seek more lucrative deals overseas.

As written earlier this offseason, it wouldn’t be too surprising if Lauvergne declined his player option. If he exercised the option and returned to the Spurs, he’d make $1,656,092 next season. If he declined the player option and only had veteran minimum offers from other NBA teams, he’d make $1,607,583 if he signed with one of those teams.

If Lauvergne were to go overseas, he’d likely be seeking a deal that is worth more than the $1.6 million his market is projecting this summer in the NBA.

This past season, Lauvergne played in 55 games with the Spurs where he averaged 4.1 points and 3.1 rebounds. He was hobbled by injuries early in the season and then could never find a consistent role off the bench for the remainder of the season.

If Lauvergne does indeed decline his player option, his cap hold will be worth $1.8 million until he either signs with another NBA team, re-signs with the Spurs, or San Antonio renounces the cap hold.

Lauvergne has until June 29 to make his final decision on his player option.


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