Latest from R.C. Buford on Spurs Going Forward During Coronavirus Pandemic


On Thursday, Spurs Sports and Entertainment CEO R.C. Buford held a virtual online call with members of the media.

Here were some of the takeaways from the call:

Buford said as of right now, “every intention is to return to play” in regards to the hope of the league to try to complete the 2019-20 NBA season at sometime in the future.

Buford did not provide any target dates or plans on how the season could return, as he said that decision will come down to the league office.

When asked about his message to the fans, Buford said, “we miss everybody. We’re in uncharted territory.”

Buford said the ultimate goal of resuming basketball has be a “safe environment” for the fans, players, and everyone involved.

Buford says though there are no target dates for the future in regards to the draft, the ending of this season, or the offseason, the front office continues to prepare for the future in the areas of preparing for the draft and having a plan for the offseason.

Buford said since the NBA recently provided the list of players who have declared for the draft, the list provides the front office a pool of players to start analyzing though it’s uncertain when the draft will be held. Buford also mentioned members of the NBA community watched the recent NFL draft, which was held online, to explore ideas the NBA might need to pursue if it’s still not safe to hold normal draft settings whenever the draft is held.

Buford said the team monitors how players are working out and rehabbing if they’re returning from injury in different virtual formats.

Toward the end of the call, Buford praised San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg and County Judge Nelson Wolff for their leadership with the community during this time.

Buford also highlighted how the San Antonio community has come together to help support the San Antonio Food Bank. If you’d like to donate to the food bank, you can do so here.


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