Larry Brown wants to coach again


In any sport, once a coach gets fired or retires, the rumors fly all over the place about when he’s photo: nj.comcoming back. No retirement ever seems permanent in the world of coaching. The coaches themselves don’t help to kill the rumors, you always hear “well, I might come back if I found the right fit” or “I’m not sure if I want to come back or not.”  Well former San Antonio Spurs coach Larry Brown is being upfront and honest about his intentions, he’d love to come back to coaching

“I want to get back badly. I just don’t know. The direction the NBA’s going, it seems like they just want to get young ex-players and if you look around the league, there’s not a lot of older coaches anymore. ‘Pop’ [Gregg Popovich] and maybe [Rick] Adelman, but most of these guys are younger, so I don’t know if I fit that mold, but I still believe that I have something to offer and I was disappointed the way Charlotte ended. We go to the playoffs and then, 14 games later, I’m fired. 

“…I’d love to get back if somebody gave me a chance. But I won’t politic for it. I hope it happens, but I don’t want to see somebody lose their job to get another job, so that’s always sensitive.” 

First of all, I have to say I’ve always been impressed with Brown’s professionalism. He’s a stand-up guy and I’ve always had an incredible amount of respect for him. 

Secondly, someone get this man a job! He’s an amazing coach and he wants to come back. He never seems to stay in one place for too long, so he’s come in contact with so many players and coaches and so many of them have great things to say about him. He commands the respect of everyone he comes in contact with, one of the essential ingredients to a successful coaching career. 

I would love to see Brown come back as soon as possible. Any team that takes that chance would be much better off.