Lakers’ World Peace goes crazy for Tony Parker’s ‘magical’ shoes


If you thought Metta World Peace just reserved his "out there" behavior for the basketball court, then you haven't done yourself justice by visiting his Twitter page.

After the San Antonio Spurs' Game 3 victory against the Golden State Warriors, World Peace had this to say about a Spurs' shoes.

I think Tony Parker's shoes have magical powers. I want to interview Tony Parker's shows on a network. I need answers. He was like Iron Man! (@MettaWorldPeace)

Pretty sure he meant "shoes" in that tweet and Metta has always been an original character. This tweet resembles his whacky attitude, but one has to wonder if he believes that or if he's just kidding around on Twitter? 

Parker scored 32 points (13-23 FG) in that game with a youthful skip to his step, so World Peace might have a point if Parker summoned the shoes' magic powers in Game 3 to secure the win.
















What do you think Spurs fans? Do Tony Parker's shoes give him some "magical powers" or is Metta just trolling us on Twitter?