Lakers’ Bryant says he could’ve scored 50 points on Spurs


The San Antonio Spurs obliterated the Los Angeles Lakers in their final regular season matchup 121-97 and also spoiled the return of Kobe Bryant to the court after the Lakers’ star was out of action due to a shin injury.

In that game, Bryant scored 18 points but according to Kobe himself, he could have scored a lot more on the Spurs. 50 to be exact.

“San Antonio was playing me single coverage yesterday, if it was important I would have gone for 50 yesterday.”

Kobe is referring to the fact he is in a tight race for this season’s scoring title with Thunder’s Kevin Durant, who he trails by percentage points, but for Spurs fans this just adds another reason to vilify him.

If Kobe was so confident he could have dropped 50 points on the Spurs then why didn’t he? Sure it was just his first game back from injury and maybe he was trying to just get his rhythm back while not trying to take from the team’s chemistry built during his absence but this comment will rub Spurs fans the wrong way.

Keep in mind, Bryant is saying winning the scoring title isn’t important to him so that shows he isn’t a selfish player as many think about him, but I am sure I speak for all Spurs fans when I say if Kobe thinks he can score 50 on the Spurs should they do meet in the playoffs, bring it!