Lakers’ Brown motivated to catch the Spurs


After losing four games straight, and dealing with injuries to some of their key players, the San Antonio Spurs grip on the number one seed in the upcoming playoffs is loosening.

Now the Los Angeles Lakers’ Shannon Brown realizes there might be a chance for the Lakers to catch the Spurs:

“There’s a lot of motivation,” guard Shannon Brownsaid. “We know their situation. We know they’re trying to get home court. They’ve been playing well all year. If we can catch them and get home court, that’ll be the best thing.”

However, Spurs’ nemesis Kobe Bryant thinks otherwise:

“It doesn’t matter to us whether we catch them or not,” Kobe Bryant said. “We try to win every game. If we catch them, so be it. If we don’t, so be it.”

Currently, the Spurs hold the season series edge 2-1 making the final game in April important for both teams. Each team will want to send a message to each other seeing how these two teams are on a collision course in the playoffs.