L.A. Times has Spurs winning it all

With the Miami Heat set on their quest to three-peat this season, people around the league are beginning to look at who might be able to dethrone the back-to-back champions of the NBA.
According to L.A. Times' scribe Ben Bloch, the San Antonio Spurs are one of six teams picked to give Miami a run. And if that wasn't enough, he actually picked San Antonio to win the championship this year instead of the Heat.
And the NBA champion is…
San Antonio.
The Pacers finally zoom past the Heat in the playoffs before being totaled by the more savvy Spurs. Ginobili and Leonard make their free throws in the final minute this time and Duncan gets to call every digit on one hand a ring finger.
They have the Indiana Pacers knocking the Heat out in the Eastern Conference which would end a three year NBA Finals run for the Heat. Many forget that they lost to the Dallas Mavericks just 2 years ago, but it is still an impressive feat that they have never reached anything short of the Finals since being assembled.
Spurs fans are hoping this prediction pans out, but are also wary of any jinxes Los Angeles is trying to throw on the Spurs. It might be LA’s best shot at getting in the way of the Spurs this season, since the Lakers will be trying to stay relative standings wise this season. Good thing Los Angeles still has the Clippers, but that still just doesn’t sound right.
Do Spurs fans think the Spurs pose the greatest threat to the Heat coming out of the West?