Kyrie Irving’s foot isn’t 100% yet


Last we saw Kyrie Irving on a basketball court, he was going head to head with Derrick Williams as Arizona upset Duke in the NCAA Tournament’s Sweet 16. Irving showed no signs of still being troubled by the foot he broke 10 games into the college basketball season. Fast forward to June and Irving is picked number one by the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Fast forward to today and news is coming out that Irving’s foot isn’t 100% healed and may need another three months to heal. Irving revealed to the Cleveland Plain Dealer he may have rushed back to take part in March Madness.

“He did acknowledge that he may have come back from the injury too soon in order to play for Duke during the NCAA Tournament in March.

“I could have waited a little longer (but) I wanted to play with my teammates,” Irving told The Plain Dealer.”

Irving added that he feels ‘150% now’, despite doctors telling him he’s not completely healed.

Pretty interesting read especially because watching him in the NCAA Tournament, he looked fine. A little rusty, but fine overall. The next question is did the Cavs know this when they drafted Irving? Would that have caused them to draft Derrick Williams at one and Brandon Knight or Kemba Walker at number four?

Depending on how long the lockout lasts, Irving may have time to let his foot heal completely, but here’s hoping that foot doesn’t turn him into a miniature Greg Oden.

What does everyone else think? Should the Cavs have still drafted Kyrie Irving ahead of Derrick Williams?