Know the NBA power rankings of 2020

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Here goes the list of NBA power rankings –

Los Angeles Lakers

The team Lakers are showing spending performance as they have won 9 of the 10 games in a row. The main advantage of the team is that they have got a very good defence and always rank among the top five in defence in the game. They are expected to perform great in this season. LeBron James will be there as the pointing guard and Anthony Davis will be there as the power forward. A few extra guards have been signed in the off season and they have some big stars too.

Toronto Raptors

The team is not only good in defence but also have good reputation in attacking. Though they have been dealing with adversity round the year, but they have been playing really well round the year. They may not have some good stars to name, but they are very good as a group and the coordination among the players is excellent.

LA Clippers

Though this team is playing quite well on the field, they are facing some adversities round the year. But that does not mean they can be under-estimated and they are playing more than .500 in some of the past few games. Another advantage of LA Clippers is that they have got one of the best starting line ups among the teams and they can afford to change the combination from time to time. They have a good combination of such players in the bench.

Boston Celtics

Though Boston Clerics is facing some difficulties in closing of the games, but that can be improved quite easily. Some people say that it is a bit of bad luck and if that bad phase passes of before the NBA, they can be a good shot and a challenger to the title. Boston’s asset is their two young players named Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum. They play well and if full of energy and is a real asset to the team.

Miami Heat

Though this team has got a good bunch of players, they are losing a recent few matches. Every team goes through this bad phase at some point of the year and that is not a factor to get worried. Once this bad phase gets over, they can easily bounce back to the ground and give a fantastic performance. There is much youth in this team than others and the players are full with energy.

Milwaukee Bucks

Previously ranked number one this team is expected to finish within first five in this year’s NBA. The team is in wonderful form and in a winning spree in the past few matches. Experts are waiting to see their performance in this NBA. They have got the benefit of enjoying the best start up line among all the teams. Donte DiVincenzo and Eric Bledsoe are their starting guards waiting in the backcourt.

Houston Rockets

Though known as a strong team, unfortunately it is on a losing streak in the past few matches.The team is in a do or die mode as they are trying to improve more in shooting in a small ball line up. The mode of small ball line up gained momentum after the exit of Clint Capela and entry of Robert Covington. The latter has been placed right in the place of starting power forward. P.J. Tucker has been placed at the starting centre.

Denver Nuggets

Nuggets will try their level best to lock up the two seed, but Clippers and Houston will be their main competitors. But Nuggets as a home team is much better than the two. Having one of the best line ups in NBA, Nuggets have an aggressive style of playing. They are one of the ten best teams as per as offensive playing is concerned. Gary Harris and Jamal Murray will be at the backcourt.

Oklahoma City Thunder

The team is playing excellent basketball and they have won 7 of the last 10 games. They have a very good defence and considered to be one of the best 10 in basketball defence among all the teams. Having Chris Paul leading at the backcourt the team as a whole is showing excellent performance. Steven Adams is in the starting centre during the last two seasons.

Philadelphia 76ers

Experts feel there is lot of uncertainty with this team as Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons are both out of the race. The team is quite experienced and is expected to handle the defects within the next few weeks. The management is consulting with the experts who can provide them with the right recipe which can bring the team out of this crisis. They are looking for the right man and the right combination.

Dallas Mavericks

This team is at its peak performance and they have been keeping it up for the entire year. The good news for the team is that Kristaps Porzingis is regaining his old form and the players of the team are full with energy and is ready to dive into the race. Having Luka Doncic at the start is definitely an advantage as he is one of the best names in the game of basketball world. Tim Hardaway Jr is the name next to Luca in the list which can make a difference. With the right combination and a team of brilliant performers, this team is at its best.