Key Week for the Spurs as their Playoff Odds Lengthen


Despite some early-season optimism, the Spurs’ chances of making the playoffs have been sinking for most of the year. However, thanks to some wobbles by Memphis, Portland, and other competitors for the eighth seed, there is still – barely – hope to extend their streak of playoff appearances. Their playoff odds, stats and more throughout the season can be tracked on Sports Betting Dime via this NBA section. It has all your basketball needs including the odds which have recently improved incrementally after growing longer all season.

If the Spurs don’t get the results they need, they won’t be concerned about playoff odds as much as draft lottery odds. With the recent reform of the draft lottery, teams who just miss out on the playoffs have better chances than they previously did of landing a top pick. There are several teams with very similar records to the Spurs, meaning that a few losses could bump the Spurs up a few spots in the lottery. Through lottery luck and their history of drafting and developing players well, the team could secure an important young player as they look to rebuild.

The Spurs will need to take advantage of some easy upcoming games if they want to seize this opportunity. While they are struggling with some injuries themselves, the Spurs should have LaMarcus Aldridge back and may benefit from some of their opponents’ bad injury luck.

March 6 at Brooklyn Nets

Although they are in a playoff spot in the East, the Nets are having similar struggles to the Spurs. Their records are only one game apart, and both are 4-6 in the last 10 games. While the Nets have their fair share of solid role players, Kyrie Irving has joined Kevin Durant out injured for the season.

March 8 at Cleveland Cavaliers

The struggling Cavaliers might look like an easy matchup – but the Spurs know from their home loss against the Cavs that they will be challenged every night. However, the Cavs are even more depleted by injury than usual. Tristan Thompson and Andre Drummond are questionable, which will leave Cleveland extremely undermanned at center.

March 10 vs Dallas Mavericks

Dallas has two stars in Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis, who scored at will against the Spurs in their last matchup. However, the Spurs came back and almost stole the win, so they will have some confidence going into their next meeting. JJ Barea and Seth Curry are questionable with injuries and Jalen Brunson will likely be out. While the Spurs will still need to stop Luka and KP, their task will be easier if Dallas is missing these solid contributors at the guard spots.


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